J-Tec engineering retains focus on Thailand’s chemical and food industries while enhancing safety and environmental performance


 J-Tec Material Handling Co.,Ltd, a specialist engineering company that designs and builds automated material handling systems, is deepening its focus on chemical and food industries to optimize plant performance while creating safer workplace environments and improved environmental performance.

A global leader in engineering services and a member of the Katoen Natie Group of Companies, J-Tec designs, supplies, builds and maintains high quality processing systems for high quality powder, pellets and liquids for leading global brands in the chemical and food industries. J-Tec has been an engineering powerhouse enhancing performance of businesses in Thailand by implementing lean project management, developing its own cutting-edge systems and applying its extensive process knowledge to establishing plant line set-ups and operations.

J-Tec delivers complete turnkey and greenfield plants, conducts comprehensive studies, and offers single process lines, with a focus on niche markets such as Infant Nutrition, Snacks & Baked Food, Food Ingredients, PVC Processing and Plastic Compounding.

“At J-Tec, our ethos extends beyond providing solutions. In dynamic markets like Thailand, which is rapidly emerging as a strategic hub for Asia, it’s essential to have a partner that understands the needs and challenges of your industry. This is where J-Tec excels.  From our beginnings as a small commercial office, we harness our global engineering expertise to devise solutions that rise to every challenge, ensuring optimal efficiency and output to offer a complete solution from designing and engineering, to construction, commissioning and maintenance of each project. This is backed by a growing dedicated local team, who enable our commitment to meet immediate needs as well as guiding our clients on a continuous journey towards success. We are not just another link in the chain; our goal is to be the trusted ally that ensures your business’s success at every turn,” said Jordy Vanden Eynde, Sales Director ASEAN, J-Tec Material Handling Co.,Ltd

Demonstrating J-Tec’s expertise in Thailand, its collaboration with Covestro at the Map Ta Phut site underscores the vital role the chemical industry plays in manufacturing materials that drive innovation and enhance quality of life. By addressing the risks associated with challenging production processes which often involve the handling and processing of hazardous substances, J-Tec showcased its commitment to creating safe workplace environments and minimizing potential environment impacts. The success of this partnership is attributed to the seamless integration of Covestro’s know-how, J-tec’s expertise and OEM industry leaders’ specialized knowledge in delivering tailor-made systems. Adhering to stringent operational safety protocols and regulatory standards such as CE & ATEX, J-Tec assures its clients and end-users of its dedication to safety and excellence.

The establishment of J-Tec Material Handling Ltd in 2018 further amplified their commitment to the Thai market, underscoring their dedication to providing comprehensive material handling solutions in the region.

To emphasize J-Tec Material Handling’s commitment to excellence, its collaboration with TotalEnergies Corbion PLA in Rayong enables the company to produce 75,000 tons per year of a 100% bio-based and biodegradable polymer made from plant materials. J-Tec conducted full-scale trials in its own test facility before implementing the solution on-site, and the project’s full-scope included providing storage, pneumatic conveying, homogenisation, and packaging and a recycling system. J-Tec’s end-to-end project management eliminated intermediaries, and this resulted in efficient decision-making and budget savings. Being supplier-independent, J-Tec introduced an innovative pneumatic conveying system for TotalEnergies Corbion PLA.

With the client-centric approach, the heart of this ethos is an understanding that each project, regardless of its scale, is unique and demands undivided attention. Since 2011, J-Tec has emphasized partnerships over transactions, aiming to bring each client’s vision into reality. Internationally recognized certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 showcase j-Tec’s dedication to designing in accordance with respected industry standards including CE, ATEX, EHEDG and more. The commitment to being a one-stop service provider from brownfield to greenfield ensures that clients can rely on J-Tec for turnkey projects tailored to their exact specifications.

J-Tec’s unique position of having local presence and access to global excellence offer clients the best of both worlds; tailored engineering solutions that cater to Thailand’s unique industrial requirements. Having executed large project across the ASEAN region and even extending its services to countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, India, China and Japan, the company is positioned to redefine material handling solutions in Thailand for brighter and more efficient processes for the future.